Ever wonder if your pages have too much ink or just enough? Let Pitstop check for you! If you create a new action list, select "Checks", "Check Maximum CMYK Ink Coverage" and fill in the appropriate value as show below. I opted to choose "Log as error" for any areas that exceed 300% TAC. You may want to select "Log as warning" depending on your needs.

As a general rule SNAP uses 240%, SWOP 300%, and Gracol 320%. Depending on what your ICC profile says, those values may differ. You can always run higher than the "standard" values. So use what ever values best fits your press condition and standards. I used to run up to 350% on a #5 sheet on a heatset web. (Shhh! Don't tell RR Donnelley or Quad that they can do it!) Here's an action list setup for SWOP, or a SWOP preflight profile that will look in the trim box for you.

So now you have figured out you have too much ink on the page, so now what are you supposed to do? Well you have a couple of options. First, you could use global change and key in your own values. Or second you could convert them to RGB then back to CMYK. But really... If the file had been preflown first then why are we even talking about this?

One little note about the "Check Maximum CMYK Ink Coverage " function. As of now Pitstop cannot yet inspect a raster image for ink strength. It can only inspect vector objects. For the time being you will need some other preflighting tool like FlightCheck Pro from Markzware. Your RIP may already have something built in to check for this. Check your documentation or with your RIP vendor. If you are using ICC profiles for all your image conversions though you shouldn't get any warnings since your profile should already know what your maximum is.