Okay, I know what you're saying "He's got to be insane!". Well maybe I am. But I do know that just because you get a Publisher, Word, Excel, PowerPoint or even Microsoft Works file all is not lost. And no, I'm not talking about rasterizing the file in PhotoShop. What I'm talking about doing is using some smart selectors in a Enfocus PitStop Professional action list or a setting in Apago PDF Enhancer.

So if you've played with some of the action list selectors you'll remember that you can select impure gray and impure blacks. Then you can swap them for real gray or real black. And since sRGB is the color space du jur for printing composite from Publisher, that's exactly why you want to select impure grays and blacks! Depending on how you fix the RGB grays and blacks you can then more easily select all the other color objects and convert those to CMYK. Making it a spot color job is a bit more tricky, but with some smart selections you can certainly do it. So in a nut shell, a quick action list can take that RGB mess you have and make a pretty darn usable file. It's all there if you know where to look. And then all of a sudden those Publisher jobs aren't such a big deal.

PDF Enhancer from Apago doesn't use action lists, but they have a setting in the color tab that looks for "grays" and lets you convert them to gray, CMYK, spot black or even leave them as is. These grays aren't just "gray". It is RGB grays and blacks. And if you select to convert them to gray, you end up with device gray blacks in the document. Which is precisely what you want. Then with the other color options in PDF Enhancer you can then take care of all the RGB colors to CMYK.

See, that's not so bad now is it? The beauty of this is that these solutions don't just apply to Publisher jobs. Any program that goes through the Windows GDI (most of the Windows applications on a "non-professional" level) will have the same issues. Whether that be Jet Form, Word, Access, PrintShop Pro, etc. Now I didn't say making alterations was going to be easy, but that's why you have the native file right? If you adapt it a bit you can get these to work with Calibrated RGB for Quartz generated PDFs.

What is it Scrooge McDuck said? "Work smarter, not harder"! Working smarter with such an action list within PitStop or with a simple setting in PDF Enhancer can help open a whole new world of work and ease a few headaches.

See? It's just not that bad!